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Level 1: Interior 
Carpet Shampoo & Stain Removal

Starting at

$150 Coupe/Sedan

$180 Mid-Size SUV/Truck

$220 Full-Size SUV/Truck

The Level 1 Interior detail focuses on freshening up your vehicle interior from the dashboard, seats, interior trims, and down to your carpets. Are there stains in your vehicle? Did your kids destroy your interior? Dog hair? If the answer is yes, then this service is perfect for you. Keep in mind that 100% stain/dog hair removal is not possible. The service includes: 

  1. Vacuum carpets, seats, cracks, and crevices

  2. Deep clean rubber floor mats with all-purpose cleaner and brush (if applicable)

  3. Clean and scrub dashboard, door panels, infotainment center, cupholders, door jambs, steering wheels, and gauge cluster with interior cleaner plus steam (if necessary) 

  4. Clean interior windows with tint safe ammonia-free cleaner 

  5. Apply interior dressing to plastic, vinyl, or leather to protect surfaces from UV light and add shine to the surfaces

  6. Restore your upholstery by shampooing the carpets, cloth seats, and floormats to remove light to medium stains

  7. Spot clean headliner only if there are very light stains

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