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Level 1: Exterior
Wash & Ceramic Paint Sealant 

Starting at

$120 Coupe/Sedan

$140 Mid-Size SUV/Truck

$180 Full-Size SUV/Truck

The Level 1 Exterior Detail focuses on removing harmful contaminants from your paint surfaces and laying down a thin layer of ceramic paint sealant. A paint sealant is similar to carnauba wax but it will provide better protection compared to carnauba wax. 

The most common contaminants come from bug guts, tree sap, road tar, industrial fallout, and iron filings from brake dust and train tracks. If the contaminants are left untreated, they will eventually eat through your paint. At this point, the damage is permanent and will require a more expensive service, such as repainting your vehicle. 

After the contaminants are removed from your paint surfaces, the paint will be protected with a ceramic polymer sealant. The most common paint protection is carnauba wax however a polymer sealant is synthetic and will provide longer protection versus a traditional wax. Ceramic Sealant provides superior protection against UV rays, provides hydrophobic properties to repel water and create water beads, and is a protective barrier for your paint from contamination. The best part is it will leave your paint very slick and glossy!

The breakdown of the Level 1 Exterior is below:

  1. Clean the  wheels, tires, and wheel wells with a non-acid wheel cleaner

  2. Clean the gas cap area and door jambs

  3. Apply tire dressing to add shine

  4. Clean exterior glasses with a tint safe ammonia-free cleaner

  5. Use a clay bar to remove paint contaminants that have embedded themselves on the paint surface. This will leave a very smooth surface and prepare the surface for the paint sealant to bond to the paint.

  6. An iron remover chemical will be spread over the paint to remove iron deposits. Iron deposits look like very small rust spots on your paint. If your car is white it is easier to identify. 

  7. Apply paint sealant to enhance the paint gloss and protect the paint. It will provide protection for up to 3 - 5 months.

  8. Apply dressing to exterior plastic trim to add shine

  9. Use a detail brush to clean exterior cracks and crevices around weather stripping, emblem, front grille, headlights, taillights, and side mirrors to remove dirt within the crevices for a deep exterior cleaning

Level 2: Exterior
Paint Enhancement  

Starting at

$200 Coupe/Sedan

$250 Mid-Size SUV/Truck

$300 Full-Size SUV/Truck

The Level 2 Exterior Paint Enhancement Detail includes everything from the Level 1 Exterior Detail but now the service will mainly focus on enhancing your paint appearance by removing minor scratches. Have you ever noticed "swirls" in your paint when it is sunny? Those "swirls" are the minor scratches that are revealed when the sunlight hits them causing them to appear like "swirls" or "spider webs". These scratches in the paint are caused by improper car washing techniques such as using a low-quality towel to dry the paint or taking your car through a car wash tunnel or just everyday bumps and dings. The service will be accomplished by using an All-In-One polish that is created to remove the minor scratches and apply wax at the same time. This service is great for a newer or well-maintained vehicle that needs a small amount of work to restore the paint and add shine. By choosing the Paint Enhancement Service, the minor scratches will be removed leaving behind a glossy reflection. This service will greatly improve your paint overall condition by maintaining and adding protection to your paint. Preserving your original paint is a great way to increase the value of your vehicle if you're planning on selling! 

Below are examples of the before and after of a paint enhancement service. 










Level 3: Exterior
One Step Paint Correction

Starting at

$275 Coupe/Sedan

$325 Mid-Size SUV/Truck

$400 Full-Size SUV/Truck

The Level 3 Exterior One Step Paint Correction includes everything from the Level 1 Exterior Detail but now the service will mainly focus on correcting more scratches and minor paint oxidation. This level of detail is for any vehicle that has been neglected throughout its life. Paint correction is a step above paint enhancement by using a dedicated polish/compound to smooth out the clear coat and remove more scratches. Paint correction can also restore your paint due to oxidation. Have you noticed dull/faded paint on your hood, roof, or trunk? Did you try to wash and wax it but it is not restoring the shine? Your paint is most likely oxidized. Oxidation occurs when your paint is neglected by not washing and protecting the paint. Over time contaminants and the sun's UV rays will wear out the paint and cause it to oxidize. The good news is, that most oxidation can be removed with paint correction! After the paint is corrected, a paint sealant is applied to protect the paint and is buffed off with a spray wax to add an additional layer of protection! Pictures below are before and after of the One Step Paint Correction Service.

1. Heavily scratched-up Porsche 993, 2. Neglected Toyota Camry that sat under a tree, 3. Oxidized Lexus IS300 








porsche before and after.png
lexus oxidation.png
camry paint correction.png
Level 2: Porsche 993
Level 2: Porsche 993
Level 2: Lexus IS300
Level 2: Jeep Compass
Level 2: Acura TLX
Level 2: Jeep Compass
Level 2: Subaru Outback
Level 2: Acura TLX
Level 2: Exterior
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