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Level 1: Detail Package
Maintenance Detail

Starting at

$70 Coupe/Sedan

$100 Mid-Size SUV/Truck

$120 Full-Size SUV/Truck

The Level 1 Mini Detail is also known as a maintenance detail and is designed for vehicles that are not extremely dirty and only need a small amount of TLC inside and outside. If the inside of your car has stains, stunk-on gunk, spilled drink stains, filled with trash, a lot of dog hair, etc. this package is not for you. If your car does not meet the standards of the package, then there will be an extra charge or I can recommend the necessary package or service to fit your needs. Click the interior button below and check out my interior-only detail!

Level 1: Detail Package includes the following: 

  1. Clean the  wheels, tires, and wheel wells with a non-acid wheel cleaner

  2. Clean the gas cap area and door jambs

  3. Apply tire dressing to add shine

  4. Clean exterior glasses with a tint safe ammonia-free cleaner

  5. Apply ceramic spray wax to protect the paint. It will provide an estimated 1 - 3 months of protection

  6. Vacuum carpets, seats, cracks, and crevices

  7. Deep clean rubber floor mats with all-purpose cleaner and brush (if applicable)

  8. Wipe down and light cleaning of the dashboard, door panels, infotainment center, cupholders, door jambs, steering wheels, and gauge cluster with interior cleaner 

  9. Clean interior windows with tint safe ammonia-free cleaner 

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Level 1: Honda Civic
Level 1: Honda Civic
Level 1: Honda Civic
Level 1: Honda Civic7253
Level 1: Honda Civic
Level 1: Honda Civic
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