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Providing Affordable Five Stars Rating Mobile Car Detailing Services Within 25 Miles of Crofton, MD 
Available only on the weekends

Polishing Car

Level 1: Interior 
Interior Shampoo & Stain Removal
Starting at $150

The Level 1 Interior is a thorough interior detail. It is designed to give your interior a makeover. The carpet and seats will be shampooed in order to deep clean the upholstery. It will also remove stains. For more information click the button below. 

Level 1: Detail Package
Mini Interior and Exterior
Starting at $70

The Mini-Detail Package is perfect for anyone looking for an entry-level detailing service. The package includes a wash, spray wax, and a mini-interior detail. For more information click the button below. 

Level 1: Exterior 
Wash & Wax/Sealant 
Starting at $120


The Level 1 Exterior is an exterior-only detail. It is designed to remove harmful contaminants and protect your paint. A wax or paint sealant is applied to protect and add gloss to your paint. For more information click the button below. 

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Mr. R

"The gentleman was quick to respond and had very flexible appointment times. My car went from ashy to classy. The member is also a Active Duty service member. Perhaps, this is why his level of professionalism was so high. If you want your car cleaned with no BS, go to Prime!"

Ngoc B

"I had this sticky residue on my door and WOW bye bye sticky residue all thanks to Prime Auto Detailing! Thank you for your amazing professionalism, service, and price!"

Ron N

"this man worked from dawn to dusk! the attention to detail was supreme. he was able to remove all of our dog's hair! glad he's in this business. only going to him when it comes to cleaning our car!"

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